The Spring 2015 Bridal collection evokes a modern take on the opulence and elegance of Marie Antoinette and the 18th century, juxtaposing intricate embroidery, lush brocade fabrics, sophisticated crystal beading and vintage details with sleek silhouettes, a fresh pallet, and contemporary appeal.

Gray Gardens

The Arboretum

The Archway

The Courtyard

The Greenhouse

The Orchard

Sculpture Garden


The Villa

Embroidered Veil

Crystal & Pearl Veil

The Veranda

The Tree House

The Summit

The Ridge

The Pavilion

The Mountain

The Field

The Cove

The Valley

The Trellis

The Swing

The Palace

The Forest

The Castle

The Seaside

The Estate

The Coast

The Spring

The Hillside

The Farm

The Cliff

The Bridge

Union Square

Tompkins Square

Central Park

The Abingdon Square

The Woods

Turtle Creek

Secret Garden

The Marina

The Grove

The Chateau

The Battery

Ad campaign photography courtesy of Steven Pan and collection photography courtesy of David Nichols and Joseph Falcone.