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New York Fashion Week: Fall 2015 Collection

February 25, 2015

I’m excited to share a preview from our Fall 2015 Runway Show at Lincoln Center. The root of inspiration for the Fall 2015 collection originated with a nod to the American West, specifically Wyoming, a destination I frequent. The elongated silhouettes, fringed knits, and beaded feather motif make a reference to the visual vocabulary of the rangeland and one-time frontier. The evolution of this language and spirit takes a decidedly modern turn with the use of specially designed fil coupé faille, guipure lace, and tweed. I’m including some of my favorite looks above!

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Tequila Time

February 20, 2015

I laughed when I recently discovered that there is a day dedicated to margaritas. I see many a reason to celebrate every day with some tasty tequila. So much so that we even have a tequila nook tucked away in our apartment. In honor of National Margarita Day (this Sunday), I am sharing my husband’s (in)famous recipe. Viva la margarita!


Brandon’s Margarita

Makes 4-5 drinks

1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice. (approximately 10 limes)

1 cup Cointreau

2 cups good quality tequila (I love Casa Dragones)

3-4T honey


The most important part of a good margarita is the lime juice. It is always best if the limes are freshly squeezed right as you are ready to make drinks. The fresher the better and there really is no substitute. Mix all ingredients together in a pitcher and stir to incorporate all. On two small plates, add honey to one and a medium coarse grain salt to the other. When the pitcher is ready, lightly add honey to the rim of the glass followed by salt (the lighter the better). Put a large amount of ice in the glass and fill half way. Serve cold with plenty of ice.